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Air Cadet Flying

Imagine floating along thermal air currents with just the sound of wind rushing past your aircraft. You're over 2,000ft in the air and you have the controls of an eight metre long aircraft in your hands. It's a buzz, and one of the biggest reasons our cadets join up.


The aircraft we use allow your first steps to flying to be totally exhilarating. They're an integral part of the air cadet flying experience, designed to get you trained, confident and ready for solo flying. If you have a talent for flying we'll spot it.


Your gliding experience kicks off at a Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) flying Vigilant motor gliders. Your focus, along with others new recruits from our Squadron, will be to complete the Gliding Induction Course (GIC).


Another chance for you to get your feet off the ground is through an Air Experience Flight (AEF). AEF instructors are all current or former RAF service pilots who volunteer to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for flying to you. Air cadet flying takes place at one of 12 AEFs around the country, mainly at RAF stations, using the RAF's fleet of Grob Tutors. You're shown how the aircraft flies and given the chance to control it and experience aerobatics. And the views from 3,000ft are stunning.

Explore more air cadet activities

It's not just air cadet flying that you're able to take part in. Air cadets in Newcastle are able to enjoy a host of other activities including shooting, fieldcraft, sports, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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